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100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

We aim to give you 100% product satisfaction. If any of our products do not meet your satisfaction for any reason at all, we have a hassle-free money back or replacement guarantee - no questions asked!

100% Freight Guarantee

For any inconvenience in the transit of our products, like loss or damage, we cover it 100%

Vast Range of Quality Products

Our wide range of rural merchandise allows a broad option for general and specific rural and building applications providing superior durability and strength.

Convenience in Service and Support

We go the extra mile to give the highest customer experience that will help save time and effort; ultimately giving you the convenience you deserve.

our happy Customers
Lyle Chard

Fencing Contractor for 40 years Red Range, NSW

Swinging gates has never been this easy and economical!

Kevin Feakins

Mixed Livestock Farmer (Camlea Charollais Sheep Stud)Cudgee, VIC

It's a cost effective solution for yarding, shed penning, or general stock work.

I’m more than happy with the level of service and representation. Lead times are good!

Gary Grose
Infrabuild Steel Centre, Rockhampton QLD

BosAg has the most comprehensive range of fencing, yard product and components available. They always stand by their full guarantees of quality, value, and service, which makes it easy for me every time and all the time. They understand my business and my customer's needs.

Will Newberry
Say & Co Rural, Glen Innes NSW

We find these products to be a good quality and priced very competitively in the market. Customer service is very good.

Adrian Peno
Metalcorp, Charters Towers QLD